Welcome to the Living as the Body of Christ Campaign!


This is a long time coming.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church is a confessional Lutheran congregation in Rocklin, California. We have been in the area as a mission church and later congregation for about thirty years now. But we're ready to spread our wings a bit and learn how we can reach out with Christ to those who are around us.

To that end, we are excited to announce the Living as the Body of Christ Campaign. This campaign really has two main focuses: a capital campaign, and a stewardship campaign. As we unroll these two aspects of it, there are lots of things to learn about. In the meantime, here is the essence of what will be happening:


On Sunday mornings we will be having a bible class on the body of Christ, and how this fits with our faith and common life together as a Christian Church. What does it mean to be a body? How do we relate to each other and to God? How do we care for all the things God has given to us? These questions and more will be discussed together at 9:15 on Sunday mornings.


Another big part of our campaign is the opportunity to gather together in smaller groups and talk about our church and our future together. To that end, Pastor John-Paul Meyer and longtime member Gary Yee will be leading a series of cottage meetings where more conversation can happen.


Each week we will learn about some of our fellow members in Christ at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The stories will give you a perspective of who is Holy Cross, and the diverse group of people who gather around our Lord each Sunday.


Another part of our work will be learning about money, and how God calls us to use our money for His great purposes here and beyond.