Wrapping It All Up

Throughout these past six weeks of the Living as the Body of Christ campaign, we’ve been given much to ponder and consider. We’ve journeyed in the past to recall and learn about the history of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Academy. We’ve learned about the city of Rocklin and their plans for expanding the downtown area and increasing traffic near our doors. We’ve faced, head on, our debt—a debt taken in order to bring the love of Jesus to hundreds of children and their families who have passed through the doors of our academy. We’ve recognized the concrete needs that come with an aging facility—needs that require money.

We’ve also grown together as the Body of Christ. Through the beautifully articulated bible studies each Sunday morning, Pastor Peperkorn has led us through the basics of what it means to live as the Body of Christ.  In the weekly editions of News and Views, we’ve read about various families of Holy Cross and have learned why this congregation feeds and encourages them. We’ve also read about our debt, ways of reducing that debt, and other topics surrounding money. We’ve learned about mercy and how to live generously by giving to others. We’ve had opportunities to get to know one another better through cottage meetings (13 of them!), a financial seminar on creative ways for giving generously, and finally through our celebration with food and libations.

We’ve wrestled with the sticky subjects of debt, money, tithing and giving above and beyond. This has stimulated conversations—difficult though they may be—at church and at home.

We’ve witnessed changes and growth:

  • The updates in the sanctuary with paint and the Body of Christ on the cross, reminding us that His death is the source of our life together.
  • The near completion of the second floor of the academy building, expanding our outreach to our community.
  • The gathering of enough money to get a new roof. (Bids have been gathered and we hope to be able to get that roof on within the next few months).

And so, as we complete this initial phase our Living as the Body of Christ campaign, we celebrate the gifts God has given us. We thank you for your support of body and soul in the form of pledges and prayers.

We pray that you will be moved to complete your pledge cards and turn them in, certain that the work of Christ continues to be done through his Body, the Church.