FAQs about Living as the Body of Christ

Q. When will we have a new roof?  

A.  Our goal is to have a new roof on the sanctuary before the next rainy season (October/November 2018).  We are in the process of soliciting new and updated bids from local roofing contractors.   We expect to need around $120,000 in the bank before moving forward with the project. The bids and contractors will be presented to the voters for their approval as soon as possible.  

Q.  I’m uncomfortable with all this talk about money.  Why is it necessary?

A. Just like your own individual family’s life, our church family’s financial matters cannot be ignored. Over the years, Holy Cross’s missions have been very successful.  These successes, however, have created financial challenges.  We have been working for some time to resolve these issues.   In our recent five-year plan we pledged to each other to endeavor to improve our congregation’s financial status.  To accomplish this, we developed three specific goals.  

  1. Raise the funds to repair the significantly degraded and failing systems of our 25+ year old facility.  
  2. Create a contingency fund to provide financial stability in the future.
  3. Make a significant payment to our mortgage, thus “paying down” our total debt.

Q.  Why are we asking for pledges?

A.  Pledges will allow our congregational leaders to budget, plan and make strategic and faithful decisions to address our financial challenges, while ensuring our ongoing operation while planning for needed capital projects. For the first time in a long while, we are going to ask every member to make a pledge and provide us a specific dollar amount.   There is no way to track our ability to hit our goals without specific dollar amount pledges. It is very important to our success, that we have concrete numbers to track our progress.  

Q.  Some of the materials sent out seemed aggressive, Why?

A.  We have made every attempt not to offend anyone.    Open financial discussions are always difficult, often leading to varying degrees of discomfort.  We know that each of us has difficult prayerful decisions to make in order to make this pledge.  Jesus and the disciples dealt with money and church operations constantly.  At times, the apostles had to quit doing church work to raise money to keep going.   Nothing has changed.  

Q.  What are the next steps?

A.  During the week of May 20th, we will collect the pledge cards and total the pledges.  You can also turn your pledge in at any time. Once all of the pledges are in, we will inform the congregation how we’re doing.

Q.  The goals are pretty large, are they realistic?

A.  Yes, we can!  However, we need every member to participate in this campaign.  The dollar amount selected was based on a formula used by The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod to project what is reasonable (and possible) from a congregation like ours.  

Q.  Where do the monies gathered from the capital conclave from last summer fit in with this campaign?

A.  We are counting those dollars (around $73,000 for 2017) as the “seed money” to kick off this campaign. So of the approximately $87,000 we have raised to this point, most of it is that money from last year.

Q.  Should I cut back on my regular giving to contribute more to the Living as the Body of Christ Campaign?

A.The short answer is no.   In fact, we are asking every member to increase their regular giving slightly, and at the same time pledging an amount to secure our future. If our regular offerings go down, then everything goes out of balance.

Q.  What about the contingency fund?

A.  The church is currently performing a Financial Review.  We want to ensure you that there will be accountability and reporting of the contingency fund.  It will not be used to pay routine expenses of the church but for such things as badly needed facility repairs.

Q.  How will we hold this campaign accountable?

How will we hold this campaign accountable?

A.    In 2018 we re-established the annual financial review process.  The 2018 Financial Review Committee has made several recommendations to strengthen our financial management practices by standardizing our financial reporting, including:

  • Developing comprehensive records retention and management policies
  • Providing orientation to the planning council
  • Communicating regularly on the financial status of the church and
  • Incorporating financial planning of the school board into the church’s overall financial planning

The next step for the financial review process is to appoint individuals responsible for the accountability and transparency of the management of the Living as the Body of Christ Fund. The financial review committee will ensure that what is represented to members of the congregation during the campaign through written communications and cottage meetings is what is actually accomplished with the funds placed in our care.

This FAQ was edited and printed on May 4, 2018