Living as the Body of Christ Campaign


Helping to position Holy Cross, Rocklin, so that we may best serve the community and our own people for years to come. Join us in the journey!


St. Paul on the Body of Christ

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”             —Galatians 2:20

With these words St. Paul outlines the entirety of our life together in Christ. I live because Christ lives in me. I live because Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead. We now, as the body of Christ, live together in Him and for Him. What a gift! What an honor our Lord gives to us, that we should be called the children of God. And as children, that makes us one family, one body of Christ.

This is the theme for our campaign: Living as the Body of Christ. There are many wonderful things that will be happening over the next six weeks or so, and we want to take this time to outline some of what you will see, be asked to participate in, and engage in with your fellow members here at Holy Cross.

  • will be live after Easter. This web site will be the home for everything in connection with the campaign, and will include stories, photos, financial information, a timeline, and everything you need to know so that you can take part in our campaign.
  • Weekly Videos and Postcards. Each week you will find a video has been posted to our campaign web site, This video will coincide with a large postcard from Pastor Peperkorn. They will be our discussion prompts for each week. They will center around who we are as the Body of Christ, and what that teaches us in this campaign, and our common life together as the people of God.
  • A View from the Pew. Every week there will also be a focus on one family at Holy Cross,  called “A View from the Pew.” These stories, written by our own members, will share the views of lots of different people about what makes Holy Cross tick, and who we are together as the Body of Christ. They will be in the bulletin each week during the campaign, will be on the web site, and will also be emailed out each week with a summary of the weeks events.
  • Cottage Meetings. Led by Gary Yee and Pastor John-Paul Meyer, these meetings will take place in homes wherever Holy Cross members may be found. There will be meeting times for your neighborhood, and also make-up times that will be held at Holy Cross on Sundays after bible class and after second service. Expect to hear more from them about this very soon.
  • Bible Class. Each week Pastor Peperkorn will be leading our Sunday morning bible class on what it means to be the Body of Christ. This does not simply mean the stewardship of money, but will include looking at what it means to be a congregation in the 21st century, and how we learn to live and love one another in Christ.
  • Financial Seminar. On Saturday, May 12, Thrivent will be having a financial seminar here at Holy Cross. This will be an opportunity for many people to gather and learn more from each other about the wisest ways to use the resources God has given to us.
  • Capstone Dessert Reception on May 19. On this Saturday evening we will be having a special meal to give thanks to God and rejoice in the gifts that He has given to us and through us to each other. The meal will begin at 6 p.m. Mark your calendars!
  • Pledge Sunday is on May 20. We will have the pledge forms available beforehand, but this is the Sunday when we are asking everyone to have them ready.

What are we asking you to do in this campaign? 

What we will be asking of you at the end of this campaign is to increase your giving to Holy Cross by a percentage, and to pledge to give a set amount of money over the next three years toward  this campaign. We currently have 107 giving units at Holy Cross. If each giving unit contributes $4,458 toward the campaign over the next three years, we will be in fine shape for years to come. That will get us to our total goal of $556,000 for the campaign.

What can you expect over the next seven weeks?

April 8 — Campaign Begins
April 8-May 19 — Cottage Meetings
May 12 — Thrivent Seminar
May 19 — Capstone Dessert Reception
May 20 — Pledge Sunday
— Main Events Coming Up

You can expect to be getting a steady stream of communication from the campaign to each member of Holy Cross. This will happen in the bulletin, in bible class, in announcements, by email, on YouTube, and through our special campaign web site. You can also expect to be asked to participate in some very direct ways. That may mean hosting a cottage meeting, or stuffing envelopes, or coordinating meals, or any numbers of other areas over the next seven weeks and beyond.

Who is doing what in the Living as the Body of Christ Campaign?

The campaign committee is made up of Walt Wismar, chairman, Rick Fielitz, Pastor Peperkorn, and Deaconess Boehle-Silva. While this is a small number, there are lots and lots of other areas for people to get involved. We need your help! Go to the web site to learn more about the different action groups.