Fundamental Lutheran Teaching: Meet the Paynes

Rod and Barbara Payne have been members of Holy Cross since 2009. Rod currently serves on the Financial Review Committee.

Rod and Barbara Payne have been members of Holy Cross since 2009. Rod currently serves on the Financial Review Committee.

To fully understand our connection to Holy Cross Lutheran Church, we need to start our journey at Faith Lutheran Church and Pastor Maynard Schulz, located in the city of Ukiah in Mendocino County CA.  Faith Lutheran is a small rural church servicing a small population.

Pastor Schulz is a teacher, leader, and guardian of Lutheran theology, and one of the all-around good guys.  He made Faith Lutheran the place to be on Sunday mornings and all times between.  Pastor Schulz’s family were our friends and since our congregation was small, we were a very close knit family and our lives revolved around our church. 

As we planned our retirement we felt that Pastor Schulz and our family at Faith Lutheran Church would be difficult to replace and we were not optimistic that we would find another like Faith Lutheran.  

When it was our time to retire, our search for a retirement location was a long and arduous process directed by a long list of priorities that included finding a confessional Lutheran church. 

After settling in the Roseville area and on the recommendation of Pastor Schulz, the first church on our list to visit was Holy Cross Lutheran Church Rocklin where we met Pastor Jordon. After an hour or so visiting with Pastor Jordon we felt the fundamental Lutheran teaching that we were looking for were being preached and taught at Holy Cross.  We began attending services and shortly thereafter we requested a transfer of our membership from Faith Lutheran Church to Holy Cross.  The year was 2009. 

Every now and then some of the decisions we make in life turn out to be winners.   Our decision to settle in the Roseville area and join Holy Cross Lutheran Church has enriched our lives in a Christ centered environment.  The lay leadership at Holy Cross has been exceptional, we are blessed with a treasure of musical talent and we have also been blessed with three truly outstanding Pastors since joining Holy Cross. We enjoy attending our Divine Services, Bible classes and the fellowship of our church family.   We pray that God will continue to bless our congregation, Pastors, leadership and our community outreach through the children that attend our Academy.

In Christ,
Rod & Barbara Payne